Opera Pro Cantanti's production of "Macbeth" by Giuseppe Verdi.  The King of Scotland has been murdered and the people call on God to open the jaws of damnation on the unknown assasin.  They cry out!  "O Lord in heaven, give us wisdom and guide us.   May the wrath of God fall upon the assasin and burn the mark of Cain on his brow!  Punish and brand him forever and ever.  Almighty God, Redeemer, reveal the killer to us."  Macbeth - Richard Williams, and Lady Macbeth - Emily MacKinnon,   Dama (Lady-in-Waiting) - Stephanie Manchulenko,
Other major operas being performed this season are "Lucia di Lammermoor" by Gaetano Donizetti and Bellini's "I Puritani" as well as the most loved "La Traviata" by Verdi.  A New opera to join this repertoire this coming Spring Season will be "Dido and Aeneas" by Henry Purcell.  We will also be bringing back another favourite, Verdi's "Rigoletto".  "The Old Maid and The Thief" and "The Telephone" by Gian Carlo Menotti were two light comedy operas performed last summer, as well as "Bluebeard's Castle" by Bela Bartok 

For information: please visit our website at:  www.procantanti.com or call  604 340 8545 Performances are held most Sunday nights 7:00 at the Cambrian Hall, 215 East 17th Ave. Vancouver. The theatre entrance is one door off Main Street.  Please call ahead or check the website for schedule changes. 

A banquet in the Great Hall of the Castle to celebrate the new king and queen.  All is wonderful, no more misery, heartache and sorrow.  Suddenly Macbeth stares at a chair where he sees the ghost of Banquo occupying it.  Everyone starts talking about fear and horror.  Macbeth curses unholy creatures.  Let the witches bare his future.  Whence the veil they shall withdraw!

The Doctor and The Lady-in-Waiting to Lady Macbeth are sure that she will appear soon.  She enters carrying a lantern she keeps lit by her bedside to banish the darkness.  Her eyes are wide open but it seems as if she doesn't see them or anything else.  She rubs her hands as if to wash them.  She is trying to wash off the blood of the King she and Macbeth assassinated but in her eyes, it will not wash off.  She is asleep and doesn't realize what she is doing.  The Doctor and The Lady-in-Waiting pray, asking the gracious Lord to save her. 

Dama (lady-in-waiting) played by Stephanie Manchulenko, Lady Macbeth - Emily MacKinnon and The Doctor - Chris Kovarik.

"Macbeth" by Giuseppe Verdi. Act I-Forest Scene

Macbeth-Richard Williams, Banquo-Christopher Kovarik, Messaggeri-Franz de Rycke
Witch 1-Stephanie Manchulenko, Witch 2-Orion Garland, Witch 3-Felicia Klingenberg. 
For more information Please call - 604 340 8545 or see www.procantanti.com, Box office opens at 6:30 Curtain at 7:00 General seating offered on a first-come, first-served basis - no reservations



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