Miss Pinkerton
"A man, a man wrecked my life."
Miss Todd "That was 30 years ago."
Miss Pinkerton "You mean 25."

 "A most terrible thief has fled from
the county jail of Timberville."

"The thief is still hiding in town, and has robbed many houses in the neighbourhood." 

Photographs by:  Paul Leisz

Laetitia enters to announce that there is a man at the back door. "He!  He! He says that he must speak to you in strict privacy."

" He's tall and burly, hair black and curly,
and all together handsome."

"He's daring, quick and shrewd."
"You're not safe even under your roof." 

Miss Todd "So was my life wrecked by a man."Miss Pinkerton "I know, that was 40 years ago."

 "Keep all the doors locked."
"Keep all the windows closed."

 "Keep all the doors locked."
"Keep all the windows closed."

Miss Pinkerton,  "They have hired a famous detective."  "They will search every corner of town. They will turn every house upside down"
Miss Tood,  "They won't dare search my house."
Miss Pinkerton, "They will search everyone and everywhere."

 "The whole town is in an uproar.  For last night someone raided the liquor store." 
"The owner, roused out of bed.  Had a bottle smashed on his head."


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